June 15, 2021

In a city where the Asian community is SO small, it is especially important to support Asian-owned businesses. Here is a list of a few of my favorites, and will be adding more as they come!


1665 SW 107th Ave, Miami, FL 33165

Authentic Taiwanese-style hot pot, served with individual boiling pots filled with proteins, vegetables, and various toppings. 

Manila Kantina

245 E Flagler St, Miami, FL 33131

Their original spot in downtown Miami includes a dine-in cafe specializing in authentic home-style Filipino meals. After seeing an opportunity for a Filipino market and lunch spot, feeding and caring for the crew members has become Chef Judith Blasco life’s work.

Cook Cook Hotpot Buffet

6212 S Dixie Hwy, South Miami, FL 33143

Chinese style hot pot buffet, and runs at about $29 per person including tax. They have a selection of frozen meats, seafood, meatballs, and tons of veggies. There is also a dessert bar that includes coconut pastries and ice cream, including matcha and red bean flavors available.

Momosan Wynwood

415 NW 26th St, Miami, FL 33127

The Iron Chef Morimoto welcomes his new concept of ramen & sake for casual dining. Their broth is slow cooked for hours, and noodles are a little thicker than classic Tonkotsu noodles, and they are aged for that extra umami flavor. The Gyukatsu ramen, only 25 orders made per day, is a 7-hour braised beef rib with kale namul, black pepper oil, and ajitama. They are one of the only ramen shops in Florida to offer A5 wagyu on the menu.

Tropical Chinese Restaurant

7991 SW 40th St, Miami, FL 33155

Longtime local favorite for dim sum, and has been open in Miami since 1984. They serve authentic Hong Kong style push cart Dim Sum in a modest strip-mall.

Cote Miami

3900 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33137

The original COTE location is in NYC’s Flatiron District and opened in 2017. This Korean Steakhouse is a hybrid of an American Steakhouse with the fun and open-table grills of Korean BBQ. 

Pho Taste

12735 SW 42nd St Unit 12-13, Miami, FL 33175

Arguably the most authentic Vietnamee food in Miami. They serve pippin’ hot bowls of pho, bun bo hue, rice plates, vermicelli bowls, banh xeo, banh bot loc, and various fried egg and spring rolls.

Saigon Baguette

6836 Stirling Rd, Hollywood, FL 33024

A little more north of Miami in Broward County, but I had to share one of my favorite spots on the list. Their bread is baked fresh every morning, with sandwiches at around $5 each. Bánh Mì Đặc Biệt or “The Special Sandwich” will usually have Vietnamese ham, pork, and pâté topped with pickled carrots/daikon, cilantro, cucumber, and jalapeno. 

June 15, 2021